Vehicles quickly get dirty, inside and out! For health and safety standards, technical standards, regular maintenance or renovation, there are clear opportunities. Create wipes for personal or professional use and change the industry!

Hygiene / Medical

Whether for a specific treatment or hospital use, we produce wipes for all types of patients and users, for all ages and health conditions. Create wipes for home use or for professional medical use.

CHR / Food

The hotel and food industry covers a wide range of professions, and they all need wipes! Create wipes for restaurants, kitchens and tables, supermarket wipes, wipes for universities, and much more.


The leisure industry is one of the most diverse; these sectors require constant adaptability. Create wipes for gyms, fitness equipment, centres for activity or relaxation, alone or in groups, and much more.

Home / Office

Each household can use wipes to clean, renew or enhance surroundings. Create your own wipe for tables, furniture, floors, electronics and more.