About Us

With extensive experience in the fields of chemistry and industrialisation, we develop and produce solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

We invest heavily in research and development to offer unique products at the cutting edge of technology. As such, our laboratory is constantly developing new products, sold under licence, to meet the needs of professionals across many sectors.

We also offer our expertise in the area of pre-saturated wipes to companies that have their own formulas, allowing them access to a high-quality manufacturing system for achieving the simple and efficient production of a product.

Our partners at the heart of our strategy

The marketing of our range of impregnated wipes is done through numerous partners, some of the leading names in their respective markets. Thanks to these collaborations, we have built up a national and international network of distributors and own-brand customers, which we are constantly expanding.
Our shared expertise enables us to approach all these markets with an appropriate strategy, tracking and adapting to market changes.
Our business sector is in constant change and renewal. Every day, we meet the challenges of developing the right product for a specific market.

Our main external markets

We are internationally oriented with a desire to share our expertise and our commitment to quality. Internalising our production and selecting local, high-quality supplies allow us to successfully export our expertise.