Mastery of the process

In order to guarantee the quality of our products, we have chosen to control all stages of production, from the initial design for a new application to its distribution. We take great care to develop our own formulas and manufacture our products internally, in accordance with our quality commitments.

1. Research and development
2. Manufacture of chemical bases
3. Production of the finished product
4. Marketing

Thanks to controls throughout the production process, we guarantee our partners highly reliable, efficient products.

Research and development

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. In order to keep pace with the growing demands of the market in terms of technical requirements and environmentally-friendly standards, we invest a significant proportion of our resources in the development of new types of technical wipes. This enables us to create and support the markets of the future.

From innovation to production

Controlling in-house production is an important part of our quality strategy. Our production lines and tools are entirely under our own management and we are constantly investing in their adaptation and modernisation. They allow us to guarantee our partners cost-effective, high-quality wipes. Production date, batch number, double heat-sealing and strict quality control all provide guarantees for our partners, whatever their sector of activity and whether for specialist areas or mass distribution.

Flexible plants capable of adapting to your sector

We modify our factories to meet the specific needs of your projects. Thanks to our in-house production control and our qualified teams, we can offer you the flexibility and quality you need to ensure a successful result. Custom packaging, custom wipes, quality control specific to your needs… we can adapt, whatever your sector of activity, to offer you high-quality wipes at the right cost.